I was expecting Tinubu to set himself these basic 10 targets in his acceptance speech when he received his national award

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Whatever it takes we must build an economy that is at least worth $2trn annually, placing Nigeria among the top six economies globally as her 200m population dictates

[2] We will establish an automobile brand that is synonymous with the country like say Volvo and Sweden, Fiat and Italy, Toyota and Japan, Lada and Russia, Citroen and France, Daewoo and South Korea or Proton and Malaysia


Police drop murder charges against House of Reps leader Alhassan Doguwa due to a lack of evidence

HOUSE of Representatives majority leader Hon Alhassan Ado Doguwa has been cleared of murder charges by the Department of Public Prosecution (DPP) of the Kano State Ministry of Justice after it was adjudged that there was insufficient evidence against him.



Tinubu promises not to disappoint as he receives Nigeria's highest national honour the GCFR

PRESIDENT-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has promised Nigerians that he will not disappoint them as he understands the magnitude of the honour conferred upon him and will seek to live up to the lofty expectations.



Nigeria-eligible teenage fullback Leo Duru signs new contract with Blackburn Rovers

ENGLISH Championship side Blackburn Rovers have signed a new professional contract with Nigeria-eligible teenage fullback Leo Duru that will keep him at the club until June 2024 with the option of an additional 12 months.



I have wracked my brains over this non-stop over the last few days and Nigeria has no choice but to follow up the opening of the Lekki refinery with the launch of Dangote Steel

Ayo Akinfe

[1] As an economy, Nigeria’s woes basically stem from the fact that we simply do not manufacture enough and as a result, import too much. This leads to balance of trade and balance of payment deficits. Once we start manufacturing, we will be on the road to recovery

[2] To become a manufacturing nation you need a large pool of workers, crude oil , steel and electricity. The first two we have in abundance, so need to work on the other two vigorously


Opposition parties endorse APC House of Reps speaker and deputy candidates Abbas and Kalu

SIXTY three members-elect of the 10th House of Representatives representing opposition parties have endorsed the anointed candidates of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) Tajudeen Abbas and Benjamin Kalu for speaker and deputy speaker respectively.



Tinubu and Shettima directed to declare their assets before May 29 or face dire consequences

NIGERIA'S president-elect Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and his deputy Senator Kashim Shettima have been directed by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB) to declare their assets before the May 29 inauguration and swearing-in ceremony.



Nigerian teenage midfielder Callum Olusesi shuns offers and signs a new deal at Spurs

NIGERIAN midfielder Callum Olusesi has agreed to extend his contract with north London Premier League side Tottenham Hotspurs and in the process disappointing many of his suitors especially Manchester United who had been hopeful of signing him.



Unless it is backed up with an ambitious manufacturing plan the opening of the Dangote refinery is no more than a PR exercise. Let us start off with 10 basic consumer goods

Ayo Akinfe

We need to get manufacturing facilities build around the Dangote refinery area producing these goods immediately:

[1] Wrist watches

[2] Mobile phones

[3] Laptop computers

[4] iPads

[5] Plasma Television sets

[6] Fridge-freezers

[7] Handbags

[8] Irons

[9] Generator sets

[10] Bicycles


Tony Blair visits Tinubu in Abuja and pledges to work with the incoming administration

FORMER British prime minister Tony Blair has arrived in Abuja for the inauguration and sweating-in of Bola Tinubu as Nigeria's new president and already held a meeting with him where he promised to support the administration.




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