UK authorities to trial the use of dogs in detecting humans carrying the Covid-19 virus

BRITISH authorities have announced plans to start using dogs to detect the Covid-19 virus under a pilot programme that will involve labradors and cocker spaniels sniffing out humans who are carrying the virus.



Buhari pulls out of nationwide presidential broadcast on Covid-19 expected later tonight

PRESIDENT Muhammadu Buhari has made a dramatic U-turn and decided that he will no longer make a nationwide broadcast tonight on the status of the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the country.



Madagascar sends Nigeria bill of €170,000 for the cost of the herbal remedy Covid Organics

MADAGASCAR'S government has sent Nigeria a bill of €170,000 to cover the cost of the samples of the herbal remedy Covid Organics which were recently despatched as part of an attempt to get global acceptance.



Fifa plans to organise special charity match featuring mega stars to raise cash for Covid-19

GLOBAL soccer federation Fifa has announced plans to hold a charity football match to raise funds for Access to Covid-19 Tools (Act) as part of its contribution towards combating the coronavirus pandemic.



Muslim Rights Concern expresses its opposition to the reopening of mosques in Nigeria

ISLAMIC group Muslim Rights Concern (Muric) has expressed its opposition to the recent opening of mosques by several Nigerian state governors warning that the move could lead to the intensified sp[read of the Covid-19 pandemic.



Sierra Leone appoints Nigerian Dr Laoluwa Adejayan as the head of its Covid-19 task force

SIERRA Leone's federal government has appointed Nigerian doctor Dr Laoluwa Adejayan as the head of the country's Covid-19 task force having adjudged him to be the most qualified person for the job.



Maybe Nigeria should introduce a polygamy tax to help address the almajiri problem

By Ayo Akinfe

(1) Over recent weeks we have been reading countless reports about how the almajiris might spread the coronavirus across Nigeria, making it spiral out of control. Nobody appears to have come up with a solution to the problem so far

(2) According to Unicef, there are 9.5m almajiris in Nigeria. Street urchins with no hope whatsoever who will either end up as beggars, criminals or at worst terrorists


Foreign airlines plan to resume flights to Nigeria in June as global lockdown starts to ease

FOREIGN airlines are planning to resume flights to Nigeria at the beginning of June as the global lockdown introduced as a result of the coronavirus pandemic is being gradually eased with some sort of normality returning.



WHO says there is no conclusive evidence to prove coronavirus lives on surfaces like door handles

WORLD Health Organisation (WHO) experts have pointed out that there is no conclusive  evidence to prove that the Covid-19 virus can be contracted by touching surfaces such as handles and doorknobs after studying a series of recent tests.




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