Was Frederick Lugard right?

Sometimes we need to ignore the messenger and focus on the message. The fact that this message came from a colonialist, arch- imperialist and exploiter does not negate its content.

Ayo Akinfe

“In character and temperament the typical African of this race-type is a happy, thriftless, excitable person. Lacking in self control, discipline and foresight.


Pakistani textile mill acquires US manufacturing unit as Nigeria's UNTL lays off 3,000 staff

NIGERIA'S ongoing marginalisation within the global textile industry took a turn for the worse this week when Pakistan announced that it has launched a n audacious raid on the world market by acquiring a US manufacturing company.



Power minister reveals that Nigeria needs to attract $4bn clean energy investment annually

NIGERIA'S minister of state for power Goddy Agba has revealed that a sum of $4bn needs to be invested into the sector annually if the country is to access clean and renewable energy in line with global convention.



Nigeria faces bleak future as December crude oil output tumbles to a record low of 1.17m barrels a day

NIGERIA'S ongoing economic woes got considerably worse last month as December crude oil production tumbled to low of 1.17m barrels a day as output was curtailed in line with Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) agreements.



Former president Jonathan named Africa Peace and Security Leader of the Year 2020

FORMER president Dr Goodluck Jonathan, has been named as the African Leadership Magazine's Africa Peace and Security Leader of the Year 2020 in recognition of his sterling work across the continent.



Joshua set to pocket $100m from his unification fight with Tyson Fury later this year

WORLD heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua is poised to earn $100m from his next fight against Briton Tyson Fury when the two lock horns in what has been described as the biggest fight in British boxing history.



As Nigeria contemplates implementing Prof Osinbajo’s public works programme here are kilometres of tarred road figures targets we should aspire to meet. Nigeria is seriously lagging behind other developing nations

Ayo Akinfe

(1) India - 5.9m km

(2) Brazil - 1.75m km

(3) South Africa - 750,000 km

(4) Thailand - 702,210 km

(5) Indonesia - 542,310 km

(6) Turkey - 445,000 km

(7) Mexico - 393,473 km

(8) Iran - 291,014 km

(9) Pakistan - 263,942 km

(10) Nigeria - 193,200 km


Popular gynaecologist warns that women shaving their pubic hair can lead to infections

POPULAR American-Canadian gynaecologist Dr Jen Gunter has urged women not to remove their pubic hair because it can cause microscopic trauma and leave them vulnerable which can lead to infections.



Abuja high court restrains Nigeria Police Force from harassing high profile #EndSARS protesters

CIVIL rights activists who participated in last year's #EndSARS movement in Nigeria have win a significant high court battle after an Abuja federal high court told the government to halt proceedings and stay action in a criminal complaints against them.



Muslim Rights Concern accuses Amotekun of stereotyping and intimidating northerners

CONTROVERSIAL Nigeria  Islamic body Muslim Rights Concern (Muric) has accused regional security outfit  Amotekun of intimidating other ethnic groups living and doing businesses in the southwest geo-political zone.




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