Tyson Fury mocks Anthony Joshua saying his career is over after he lost to a short little fat guy

ONE of Anthony Joshua's potential future opponents heavyweight Tyson Fury had declared that the former champion's boxing career is over following his shock loss to little-fancied challenger Andy Ruiz on June 1.


In an upset that shocked the boxing world, Joshua got knocked to the canvass four times during the course of the fight on June 1, forcing the referee to end matters in the seventh round.  In a development that completely shook up the heavyweight scene, Joshua lost the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Organisation, International Boxing Organisation and International Boxing Federation titles on the night.


However, the fight's contract had a rematch clause in it compelling Ruiz to another face-off if he won and Joshua's camp have triggered this. Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, confirmed that the rematch clause has been activated after meetings with Joshua’s team in New York and a rematch is set for London in November or December.


One of the top five heavyweights in the world, American Tyson Fury, is likely to be a future opponent Joshua will face if he regains his belts. Yesterday, Fury, dismissed Joshua, however, saying that his career is over after his shock defeat by the short little fat guy Andy Ruiz Jr in New York earlier this month.


Fury said: “When you claim to be the world’s best fighter and you’re built like Anthony Joshua and you get in there with a short little fat guy and get knocked out, curtains, where I come from. You’ve got this guy who’s knocking out everybody, he’s taken this other guy at a few weeks’ notice, he was a last-minute replacement, he goes in there and gets knocked out.


“He doesn’t even look like he wants to be in there for the fight by the way. And then everyone’s making a million excuses, oh this happened.”


Joshua went into the bout with a 22-0 record, 21 of which were knockouts and he was the huge favourite to continue his unbeaten career. Many boxing pundits believe Joshua should correct the mistakes he made in the rematch, however.