What plans does Nigeria have to isolate the following sets of people?

By Ayo Akinfe

(1) Inmates in our overcrowded prisons
(2) Refugees in internally displaced persons camps
(3) Nomadic Fulani herdsmen who operate in groups
(4) Boko Haram terrorists
(5) Members of our security forces who operate in platoons but have no facemasks
(6) People who live in face-me-I-face-you accommodation where up to 20 of them use one kitchen
(7) Residents of military and police barracks
(8) Detainees in police cells
(9) Those who use the molue to get to and from work
(10) Beggars and Almajiri orphans who operate in groups

I am yet to see any plan to cater for these groups of Nigerians. Will they for instance be given facemasks, hand sanitisers and disinfectant?

Maybe somebody has the answer but I do not know how you isolate such people. If one of them is infected with the coronavirus, how do we stop them spreading it?