Nigerian Fulani Rehabilitaion Bill 2020

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Nigeria will establish at least one new technical vocational training college in each local government area of the 19 states of the country that have indigenous Fulani populations

[2] Every Fulani man who hands in his weapons and arms will be granted automatic admission into one of these technical colleges where the state government will feed, board and train them up to City & Guild level in one vocational skill

[3] Six mega cattle ranches will be opened up across Nigeria where Fulani herdsmen can breed cattle within a collective commune. Such communes will have veterinary clinics, abattoirs, schools, training centres, etc

[4] The Bank of the North will provide micro credit loans to any Fulani person whop wants to venture into the processing of dairy products like cheese, milk, butter, etc

[5] Investors will be wooed to open leather factories, meat processing plants, animal feed compounding companies, etc in all the 19 states of northern Nigeria. The goal will be to have full employment by 2025

[6] All the 19 states of northern Nigeria will pledge at least 20% of their budgets to education with a view to eliminating the skills and educational gap between the two halves of the country by 2030

[7] Special boarding schools will be opened for Fulani youths. At these youth skill centres, they will have the option of an academic career, vocational training or pursuing sports. All 19 northern states will fund these centres, offering free boarding, lodging and training to these youths

[8] Each governor of the 19 states in northern Nigeria will set up a special agricultural directorate to promote the cultivation of crops in which Fulanis have traditionally been involved in. These will include neem, groundnuts, cotton, millet, sorghum, etc. The Bank of the North will provide zero interest loans to anyone who wants to venture into commercial farming of these crops

[9] Nigeria's army will plant trees across the country's northern border to effectively demarcate the nation's territory. Fellow Fulanis who arrive from neighbouring West African countries will have to adhere to the Ecowas Protocol that governs everyone else

[10] As from 2021, it will be illegal to allow cattle to roam across the country. Any cow not in a dedicated range will be confiscated and auctioned off