I fully expect our ladies groups to write to Kamala Harris asking her to endorse the Nigerian Women’s Charter 2021

Ayo Akinfe

(1) Come the 2023 elections at least a third of all elective positions will be reserved for women

(2) Sex with a minor under the age of 16 will be considered statutory rape under Nigeria law

(3) The right to terminate a pregnancy is a woman’s and that of no one else

(4) Marrying a child bride shall be an offence with carries a minimum jail term of 10 years with no option of parole

(5) As from 2023, the federal and state governments will be compelled to set aside at least one third of all their political appointments for women

(6) Divorce shall be granted to either couple in a relationship on demand

(7) Every state government must create women’s cooperatives to encourage semi-processing and manufacturing

(8) Sanitary towels shall be given to all school pupils up to university level free of charge

(9) By 2025, Nigeria shall aim to manufacture all the women’s products her population uses locally. This shall include hair, creams, false nails, perfumes, cosmetics, etc

(10) All positions within the Nigerian security services will be open to women too

Come on now. We have been here for too long. It is time we start acknowledging that women’s liberation is not just about the freedom to buy handbags.