Ogun police warn Christians that they are vulnerable to kidnappers when they pray in the forest

OGUN State Police Command officials have warned Christians organisations operating in the state to desist from holding prayer sessions in forests as by doing so they leave themselves vulnerable to kidnappers.


Nigeria is currently being wracked by insecurity as terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, rape, armed robbery and  communal violence are daily occurrences. Kidnapping in particular has become a very lucrative business lately with innocent people abducted at will and their relatives forced to hand over large sums for their release.


According to the Ogun State Police Command, members of the public who hold prayer sessions in the forest increase the risk of being kidnapped. Police spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi, expressed concern that, despite a series of warnings and security tips, some members of the public still organise prayer sessions in the forest.


Mr Oyeyemi said: "It is worthy of note that the present security situation in the country does not favour organising prayer sessions in isolated places. If there is any compelling reason to embark on such prayer sessions, the organisers should report to the nearest police station for advice and possible security patrol of the area.”


Adding that the police recognises individual’s right to freedom of religion, the police spokesman said that the command was working assiduously to get rid of criminal elements who have taken kidnapping as a business. Pending when they will be satisfactorily eliminated, Mr Oyeyemi urged the general public to desist from creating opportunities for them to operate.


He charged that security should be seen as everybody’s business and as such, people should play their part in securing themselves and their property. Mr Oyeyemi stated that after all, the scriptures even enjoined Christians to watch and pray.