I would just love it if Tinubu makes up for all the discrepancies surrounding his own schooling by publishing an education policy that looks like this

Ayo Akinfe


[1] The federal government will offer free tuition right up until the end of secondary school to every Nigerian child

[2] Nigeria will spend 15% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on education

[3] Nigeria's federal government will fund the provision of free uniforms in all public schools

[4] Nigeria's federal government will fund the offering of one free school meal to all state primary and secondary school pupils

[5] No primary school child will have to walk more than 1km to school in Nigeria

[6] Every one of Nigeria's 774 local government areas will have at least one technical or vocational school

[7] Private sector operators will be allowed to run schools provided they meet government guidelines provided by the ministry of education

[8] Every local government must appoint an education commissar to ensure national standards are met

[9] Over the next 10 years, every state must strive for 90% literacy rates. As part of this programme, every local government must have at least one adult literacy centre

[10] Class sizes in primary school school must not exceed 35, while in secondary school they will have a maximum size of 30