Watching the Nigerian contingent at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games opening ceremony makes it clear our next president needs to give 10 conditions for continued membership

[1] From 2026, the Commonwealth Games must include men and women’s football

[2] Britain must invest at least $10bn a year in Nigeria in the form of foreign direct investment

[3] Other industrialised Commonwealth member states like Canada and Australia must also between them invest $10bn in Nigeria annually

[4] Every year, the British monarch must lead a trade delegation to Nigeria

[5] All Commonwealth countries should refuse to allow Nigerian politicians send their children to their universities

[6] No Commonwealth country should grant a Nigerian politician healthcare. If you want to rule Nigeria, you must be prepared to die in Nigeria. If you are that desperate for foreign healthcare, then resign your public position

[7] Commonwealth nations must be obliged to share intelligence on terrorism with each other

[8] In specific economy-defining sectors like power, steel, solid minerals, grains and tourism, industrialised nations like Britain, Canada, Australia, etc, are obliged invest a minimum of $10m annually in Nigeria

[9] India must enter into a pact with Nigeria to share technology on its emerging automobile industry

[10] Every Commonwealth country is obliged to share the patent of any Covid-19 drug it discovers with other member states