If Nigeria were a serious nation we would all be insisting that Bola Tinubu guarantees to construct all these power plants within four years of assuming office 

Ayo Akinfe 

[1] Lokoja hydro-electric plant (Kogi) - 10,000MW
[2] Idah hydro-electric power plant (Kogi) - 5,000MW
[3] Yola hydro-electric power plant (Adamawa) - 5,000MW
[4] Bonny gas-fired power plant (Rivers) - 5,000MW
[5] Ikot-Abasi gas-fired power plant (Akwa Ibom) - 5,000MW
[6] Shinkafi solar power plant (Zamfara) - 1,000MW
[7] Gubio solar plant (Borno) - 1,000MW
[8] Badagry wind power plant (Lagos) - 1,000MW
[9] Ikot-Nakanda wind power plant (Cross River) - 1,000MW
[10] Daura solar-powered plant (Katsina) - 1,000MW
Total - 35,000MW

Now if we add this to the current 5,000MW, that 40,000MW should last us for the next 10 to 15 years, then it is time to start building more. States should be allowed to augment these plants with micro ones.

Our problem is just a lack of vision. To generate, distribute and transmit 35,000MW will cost us around $40bn. Now with an annual budget of about $30bn, we are not even scratching the surface, so as you can see, we need a five year plan that involves a combination of government investment, private capital and loans.

Look at what is happening elsewhere:
[1] China's Three Gorges Dam - 22,500MW
[2] Brazil's Itaipu Dam - 14,000MW
[3] China's Xiluodu Plant - 13,860MW
[4] Venezuela's Guri hydro-power plant - 10,235MW
[5] Brazil's Tucuruí plant - 8,370MW
[6] Brazil's Belo Monte plant - 8,176MW