Sunday Igboho files N5bn suit against DSS and attorney-general over raid on his Ibadan home

YORUBA Nation agitator Sunday Adeyemo has filed a N5bn ($12,131,200) lawsuit against the attorney-general of the federation and the Department of State Security (DSS) asking for damages over the invasion of his house in Ibadan on July 1.



10 Draconian steps President Buhari must take to end terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, Islamic fundamentalism and the murderous activities of herdsmen

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Impose an indefinite ban on mosque construction across northern Nigeria, insisting that all such funds go towards school construction

[2] Jail the parents of any Almajiris or out-of-school kids for a minimum of five year

[3] Impose a 40% education tax on all mosques across northern Nigeria

[4] Seize the private jets of all northern Nigerians and auction them off. Use the proceeds to build schools to eradicate illiteracy


Diaspora remittances fall by about 20% over the last year due to the effects of Covid-19

ANNUAL remittances by the Nigerian diaspora worldwide fell by about 20% over the last year as a result of the economic crisis precipitated by the global coronavirus pandemic cutting into the expected figure of $25bn.



End Time Revival Evangelical Ministry says having sex before marriage is no longer a sin

END Time Revival Evangelical Ministry founder Pastor Olakunle Jesukale has faulted those saying sex before marriage is a sin pointing out that this is no longer the case because Jesus Christ changed the law.



Daddy Freeze disagrees with Oyedepo saying Jesus Christ never saw another human being as unfruitful

CONTROVERSIAL disc jockey and leader of the Sheeple Movement Ifedayo Olarinde popularly known as Daddy Freeze has waded into the recent sacking of 40 clergymen by Winners Chapel saying that it is not a biblical or Christian act.



Sunday Igboho's lawyers deny he was in possession of a fake Beninoise passport when arrested

YORUBA Nation agitator Sunday Adeyemo's lawyer Ibrahim Salami has denied allegations that his client was caught in possession of a fake Benin Republic passport claiming that he was arrested while holding Nigerian and German travel documents.



Scottish FA unhappy with strong arm tactics used by NFF boss to woo Watford striker Dapo Mebude

SCOTTISH Football Association officials have complained about the tactics Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) president Amaju Pinnick used to woo new Watford striker Dapo Mebude claiming he used strong arm tactics to secure the youngster.



Were I Nigeria's agriculture minister, I would insist that a Kolanut Industry Bill be debated alongside the Petroleum Industry Bill

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Nigeria is the world’s largest kolanut producer accounting for about 54% of global output. There is no justification for it not being as big a money spinner as crude oil

[2] These days, wine distillers are increasingly using kolanuts in their red wine. We want a global monopoly of this market

[3] Now, the global red wine industry is worth $423bn annually. This is about half of our total oil earnings since independence in 1960


United Arab Emirates creates artificial rainfall by using drones to get clouds to bunch together

UNITED Arab Emirates (UAE) government officials have come up with an innovative solution to beat the sweltering 50 degrees Celsius heat afflicting the country by developing artificial rainfall using drones.



New diaspora online money transfer app SympliFi aimed at empowering recipients launched

ONLINE money transfer organisation SympliFi has launched a radical new loan service facility aimed at enabling diasporans to send money back home to Nigeria in a commercial manner that not only saves them parting with cash but also empowers the recipients.




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