As part of a post-coronavirus economic stimulus plan the Central Bank of Nigeria should cap loans for the following project at 5% at the very maximum

Ayo Akinfe

(1) Investment in agriculture, acquaculture and animal husbandry

(2) Investment in power generation

(3) Manufacturing of consumer goods

(4) Production of industrial goods

(5) Food processing

(6) Steel processing

(7) Railway and road expansion

(8) Housing development

(9) Automobile manufacturing

(10) Producing pharmaceuticals


Britain's government backs $150m investment in new Lagos waste-to-energy plant

BRITAIN'S government  has approved the investing of $150m in a new waste-to-energy plant in Lagos State as part of an ongoing collaborate programme between the country and Nigeria aimed at exploiting the commercial benefits of clean energy.



Attorney-general Malami advices Buhari to create special agency to oversee cattle herdsmen

NIGERIA'S attorney-general Abubakar Malami has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to establish a special agency dedicated to the animal husbandry industry and monitor the activities of Fulani cattle herdsmen.



Public Health England discovers 38 cases of new Nigerian Covid-19 strain said to be vaccination resistant

BRITISH healthcare agency Public Health England (PHE) has found 38 cases of a new Nigerian Covid-19 strain currently raging which is causing grave concerns as it is reported to be less effective against vaccination.



60 year old Nigerian nurse Linda Udeagbala from Croydon succumbs to coronavirus

NIGERIAN nurse Linda Obiageli Udeagbala became one of the latest diasporan victims to succumb to the dreaded coronavirus pandemic after she passed away at the hospital in Croydon where she worked earlier this month.


Ms Udeagbala, described as wonderful nurse, inspired almost all the members of her family to work for the National Health Service (NHS). Ignoring calls to work remotely, she died aged 60 after 17 years working for the health service.



Senior Hisbah commander arrested in Kano State after being caught in hotel with married woman

MEN of the Kano State Police Command have arrested a senior commander of the state's Hisbah board religious militia after he was caught with a married woman in a hotel in defiance of the strict Sharia code he is employed to enforce.



With the consensus that ranching is the way forward I would like to see Nigeria set herself the goal of becoming a top 10 milk producer by 2030

Ayo Akinfe

We are shamelessly a net importer of milk at the moment. In 2019, Nigeria only produced a paltry 523,599 tonnes of milk domestically.

We consume about 1.3bn tonnes of milk annually, so spend between $1.2bn and $1.5bn annually to bridge the gap between production and consumption. Once we have these mega ranches in place, we must set them steep milk production targets.


Seven northwest governors meet with security chiefs and ask for more time to establish ranches

GOVERNORS of the seven states in Nigeria's northwest geo-political zone have conceded that the only way to address the ongoing violence perpetuated by Fulani cattle herdsmen across the country is to establish ranches but have asked for more time to establish them.



Nigerian Presidential task Force on Covid-19 gets tough with nonchalant air passengers

NIGERIA'S Presidential Task Force (PTF) on Covid-19 has decided to step up the implementation of its travel restriction guidelines by threatening to apprehend those who defy the quarantine protocols and forcefully detain them.



IG despatches four units of mobile police and one surveillance helicopter to Oyo State

NIGERIA's inspector-general of police Mohammed Adamu has despatched four units of mobile police and one surveillance helicopter to Oyo State in response to the recent violence that resulted in the Sasha market being burnt down




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