Organised labour and federal government make headway over N1m minimum wage demand

NIGERIAN trade unions and the federal government have made some progress in their talks about resolving the ongoing cost of living crisis wracking the country at the moment after organised labour agreed to lower its demand for a national minimum wage of N1m ($670).



I am waiting to see a blueprint on the abolition of begging and its replacement with a vocational programme by Nigeria’s Northern State Governors Forum

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Several states in northern Nigeria have passed laws to ban begging over recent years. On the face of it, such pronouncements may sound laudable but it is just sloganeering unless it is backed up with a plan to train, rehabilitate and get these beggars into productive endeavours


Luton Town's Elijah Adebayo said he remains open to playing for the Super Eagles

NIGERIA-eligible English Premier League striker Elijah Adebayo has declared that he is prepared to commit his senior international future to the Super Eagles in a development he said would please his parents greatly.



Nigerians are still waiting for the President Tinubu’s security blueprint which they hope will erase all the agony of the Buhari years

Ayo Akinfe

[1] I suspect that crime is now among the top five sectors in the Nigerian economy today. Kidnapping has got to be up there with oil exploration as a booming business


Kenyan tourist industry sets sights on Nigeria as it seeks fresh clientele to replace falling numbers

KENYA'S tourist industry has stepped up its targeting of the Nigerian market in response to falling numbers as global visitors dwindle in the face of harsh economic conditions that has left many with less disposable income.



Lagos development area offers its doctors a 100% pay rise to stem incessant emigration

IKOYI-Obalende Local Council Development Area of Lagos State has approved a 100% pay rose for doctors in its service in a desperate bid to stop the incessant development of them emigrating abroad in search of better living standards.



Fulham boss to assess Iwobi and Bassey before deciding on whether to play them tomorrow

FULHAM manager Marco Silva will assess the fitness of Super Eagles duo Alex Iwobi and Calvin Bassey once more today before deciding whether to field them in tomorrow's Premier League game at home to Aston Villa tomorrow.



Nigeria needs an international tourist attraction like one of these to make a statement to the rest of the world that we are open for business

Ayo Akinfe

[1] Taj Mahal

[2] Sydney Opera House

[3] The Kremlin

[4] Big Ben

[5]Niagara Falls

[6] Statue of Liberty

[7] Big Ben

[8] Eiffel Tower

[9] Robben Island

[10] Giza Pyramid


Nigerian inflation rises to nearly 30% during the course of January as food prices lead the surge

NIGERIA'S inflation rose to 29.9% during the course of January this year from 28.92% recorded in December 2023 with rising food prices being the main catalyst behind the surge according to data just released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS).



Tinubu and 36 governors reach in-principle agreement on establishing state police forces

PRESIDENT Bola Tinubu and the 36 state governors have reached an in-principle agreement to establish state police forces across the country in response to the growing crime wave that is weeping across the nation.




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