Nafdac confirms receipt of four submissions from Nigerians saying they have a Covid-19 cure

NIGERIA'S National Agency for Food Drugs and Administration Control (Nafdac) has confirmed that it has received four different submissions from local producers claiming that have uncovered a drug which can cure the coronavirus.



Nigerian crude oil operators reduce their number of operational rigs as weak demands bites hard

NIGERIA'S petroleum production is facing the prospect of a total shutdown as operators have been forced to reduce the number of crude oil rigs as global demands keeps falling as the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic bites hard.



British media watchdog Ofcom sanctions Pastor Oyakhilome over unsubstantiated coronavirus claims

NIGERIAN televangelist Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been sanctioned by British media regulator Ofcom after his TV channel Loveworld News broadcast a programme in which he linked the 5G telecommunications technology with the coronavirus pandemic.



Chinese scientists confident that new drug currently undergoing trials will prove an effective Covid-19 cure

CHINESE health authorities have revealed that they are confident of bringing out a drug with the power to cure coronavirus before the end of the year as scientists at the Peking University are just months from coming up with a cure.



Luth delivers its first set of Covid-19 twins as mother receiving treatment gives birth to boy and girl

NIGERIA has recorded its first coronavirus set of twins after a 22-year-old patient receiving treatment at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (Luth) after being diagnosed as Covgid-19 positive delivered a boy and a girl.



Ganduje allows Eid prayers to take place across Kano State this Friday after meeting with imams

GOVERNOR Abdullahi Ganduje has approved the holding of Eid prayers across Kano State this Friday despite the coronavirus pandemic still being virulent across the state after holding a meeting with 30 top Islamic scholars.



Ad-hoc agency staff in the UK contributed to the rapid spread of Covid-19 across care homes

BRITISH health authorities have revealed that one of the reasons why the Covid-19 pandemic spread so rapidly across the country is because care home staff supplied by agencies unwittingly spread the virus in their places of work.



NNPC and CBN set aside $2.56m to feed and accommodate Nigerian returnees evacuated from abroad

NIGERIA has agreed to foot the bill of accommodating and feeding returnees who have been repatriated from abroad by special scheduled flights as the federal government steps up its evacuation of citizens trapped abroad by the coronavirus pandemic.



I have wracked my brains tirelessly over this and Nigeria simply has no choice but to introduce a post-coronavirus tithes-for-power programme

By Ayo Akinfe

(1) Mull over it as much as you want but the fact remains that crude oil prices will not hit $100 a barrel for at least another two years. This puts Nigeria in a perilous position as 95% of government revenue comes from the sale of petroleum products

(2) In the past, Nigeria has got out of such cul-de-sacs by borrowing. We cannot even do that now as virtually every economy on the planet is in recession too



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