I have been to the mountain top and seen the Promised Land. Here is what I witnessed when I looked down on Nigeria

Ayo Akinfe

(1) A nation of 42 states with each of them generating at least $10bn in wealth annually

(2) A country accounting for 50% of global animal feed production with cassava and yam serving as the two main ingredients

(3) A country that had emerged as the world’s largest chocolate producer

(4) A health service that served as the world’s undisputed leader of tropical medicine

(5) All of the countries’ 774 local government areas were linked up by a double gauge railway network. There were then 12 high speed railway lines linking the major commercial centres

(6) A nation that accounted for 10% of global manufacturing. This included automobiles, aircraft, railway carriages, TV sets, fridge-freezers, washing machines, laptop computers, mobile phones, etc

(7) A very green nation in which less than 10% of the public used cars. Trains, buses and bicycles were the most common form of transport. The country was littered with green open spaces

(8) A nation that is a maritime power with six shipbuilding yards along its Atlantic coastline

(9) A nation with a 95% literacy rate. Each one of its 774 local government areas had one university, polytechnic or technical college

(10) A nation at ease with itself where ethnic group, gender, religion, sexual orientation or place of birth played no role in how you are treated.

Ultimately, this is the society we must and will build. This battle starts now as we have shown we can stand up and be counted with the #EndSARS protest. Next will be the anti-power hike demonstrations, which are certain to mobilise millions of our youth.

Is the Nigerian revolution upon us yet? Hmmm. That I do not know but until it happens, we will not even begin the process of fixing this nation.

Our main task now must be building a revolutionary party that can spearhead the struggle to overthrow the existing order. A Nigerian revolution is not a matter of if but one of when.

No industrialised nation ever developed without a revolution to sweep away the old order. You simply cannot falsify history, so take it as a given that the Nigerian revolution is inevitable.

Once it is done, we can then launch the most ambitious national development programme in the history of mankind. Taking 90m people out of extreme poverty is the kind of stuff legends are made of. Even the likes of Jesus Christ and Mohammed could not achieve that but we will!

The future is bright: The future is Nigerian